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Bragging is Good for Business


Has your business received an award or special mention somewhere? Brag about it. It is always beneficial to toot your own horn when it comes to marketing, branding, and reaching new customers. Being recognized by an organization outside of your network shows not only quality, but also gives your business credibility. Think of awards/mentions/endorsements/grants as badges of honor. These are worthy of being displayed in a highly visible place, whether that is on a webpage, [...]


Can Game Theory Software Improve Business?

domino theory

“Game theory” sounds like something involving Nintendo or PlayStation, but it’s a branch of mathematics that is used to measure competitive situations and help predict outcomes. Game theory software has been developed to predict likely courses of action in elections, stocks, and negotiations. This is where it gets interesting for small business owners. Game theory software can help entrepreneurs explore different scenarios, whether they are looking to expand, purchase a new business, or sell their [...]


Father’s Day Gifts For Business Dads

grandpa girl

  We thank our fathers’ support and patience by taking a full day to honor them. This year, Father’s Day falls on Sunday, June 19th. Got a dad who owns his own business? There are plenty of sweet and useful gifts that go beyond the traditional tie or gift certificate.       Business Cards: Chances are, dad already has business cards. After all, these are vital introductions to customers, partners, and colleagues. But you [...]

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