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Breakdown: Social Media and Your Small Business


With so many social media outlets out there, it can be difficult for small business owners to pinpoint the right portal for them.  However with massive popularity and appeal, no business can afford to sit out on the social media game.  Below you will find a breakdown of the three must-have social media outlets and tips on how to wow each audience. Facebook The big dog in social media is clearly Facebook.  Facebook is the [...]


Social Media For Customer Service

customer service

Customers are the key to success for a small business, so naturally, you want to keep them coming. It might be easier to attract new customers than to build a loyal following or have an army of “regulars.” So what keeps customers coming back? Either a good product or excellent customer service. This is where social media comes into play. Thanks to social networks, it is easier than ever to reach (and be reached by) [...]


Computer Security: Make Sure You Are Protected

cat computer

It’s hard to imagine leading our everyday lives without a computer, right? We trust these machines for everything from getting information to storing business documents. But being so dependent on computers also has its downside, especially when it comes to small business. An article on Reuters says that merchants are having a hard time with online and computer security. The rapid evolution of technology makes it hard for users to defend their systems against new [...]


Information Cards: A New Way to Pay?

Icards Icon

We recently talked about Google Wallet, and how it could revolutionize the way that we deal with money. I recently came across a similar, although clearly distinct company that facilitates digital/wireless payments by using your cards. Information Cards uses a digital version of a wallet, called a selector, to electronically store all your cards in one place. Unlike Google Wallet, the Information Card system is used exclusively for web-based transactions. Some computers already come with [...]


What is Google Wallet?


From finding trending keywords to giving people a place to blog, Google has completely transcended its search engine origins. It is now a multi-level platform for Internet users, and its sing-in protocols are so inclusive that it is easy for people to use all of the features that Google offers. One of the newest products is Google Wallet, which could change the business world as we know it. In its official site, Google calls its [...]


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