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How to Give Customer Relationships a Fresh Start


With 2014 upon us it’s easy to want every aspect of our lives to feel refreshed and renewed.  There’s not much of a difference when it comes to your small business, chances are you’ll want to encourage this “new beginning” atmosphere at work, perhaps specifically, within your customer relationships. As time ticks on in your busy business it’s possible that some relationships with customers have been stretched a bit too thin.  Luckily, with a proactive [...]


Your Medical Practice Popped Up On Yelp. Now What?


While you may have thought it was just for restaurants, the online review forum know as Yelp, is continuing to widen its horizons.  More and more medical practices are appearing on Yelp each day.  So what are you to do when you see your medical practice pop up? Considering the popularity of this site (and social media in general) it would be a good rule of thumb to understand the basics of managing a Yelp [...]


Breakdown: Social Media and Your Small Business


With so many social media outlets out there, it can be difficult for small business owners to pinpoint the right portal for them.  However with massive popularity and appeal, no business can afford to sit out on the social media game.  Below you will find a breakdown of the three must-have social media outlets and tips on how to wow each audience. Facebook The big dog in social media is clearly Facebook.  Facebook is the [...]


4 Tips for Proper Business Grooming


In order to create a recognizable brand, your small business needs to have a cohesive look.  Follow these 4 tips to grooming your small business’s image and enjoy the benefits of sophisticated style.  Find Your Company’s Colors There is no definitive answer on how many (or how few) colors a brand needs.  However a good jumping off point is two.  In addition to picking a pair that you yourself will enjoy, you also have to [...]


Dirt Cheap Approaches to Successful Market Research


When comparing to big business it is suggested that small business owners focus on their strengths and advantages.  One example: market research.  While SB owners may not have the massive budgets, white lab coats and mad marketing scientists calculating their market’s every move, they do have something that arguably is just as powerful: a close customer base. As a SB owner you have the potential to tap into your customers and make some global assumptions [...]


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