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Quick Ways To $ave While Being Green


Nothing beats a win-win situation, especially when those win-wins can positively impact your business.  Below are tips to creating such a relationship between your budget and planet earth.  By implementing some quick and easy green tactics, both your business and the environment can cash in. Recycle, Recycle, Recycle Have trash cans sprinkled throughout your office?  Partner them up with a neighboring bin marked strictly for recycling.  With so many paper products used in the workplace, [...]


Misleading Green Marketing

toxic green

It’s no secret that Green in terms of environmentalism can draw green in terms of money. Being labeled as an eco-friendly business brings approval from existing and can help find new ones who want to save the Earth. In a recent newsletter from eBay, a promotion was included for those who shopped used gear from Patagonia. The reward is a $20 certificate for the first 500 sellers of Patagonia items. Their claim is that there [...]


Recycle, Donate or Swap Unused Items

recycle electronics

Instead of discarding unwanted items, and paying a waste management service to do so, how about donating, recycling, or swapping your stuff? The green movement’s mantra is “reduce, reuse, and recycle.” Your small business can hop onto the green bandwagon and create a mutually beneficial relationship with local charities and associations. Different businesses can contribute a wide range of unused items that would be discarded anyway, from electronics to food items. And today, donating or [...]


Environmental Regulations for Small Businesses


“Green” is a powerful word nowadays, one that unfortunately gets used without much thought. In an age where people flock towards environmentally-responsible products, many opportunistic entrepreneurs have hopped on the green bandwagon. But did you know that the Environmental Protection Agency has guidelines for businesses in all industries? Every business produces waste, but some use substances that require special handling. Here is a list of the major environmental laws that impact small businesses. The Toxic [...]

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