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Prep Course: Selling Your Small Business


Just as running a business takes planning and careful consideration, so does selling one. In an ideal selling situation, time is on your side, and you may plan on selling your business off in the next few years. However, if your window is smaller than that (say, 6 months) that’s OK too, as long as you invest effort in the necessary preparations.  After all of the personal devotion, time and money you’ve poured into your [...]


Myth Busters: The Truth about Merchant Cash Advances


Myth #1: Merchant Cash Advances Should Be an Eleventh Hour Move While these types of advances can certainly help a struggling business that may not be able to secure a strict, traditional loan; that is not it’s most popular use.  Successful businesses who want to get ahead often use merchant cash advances to buy new inventory, expand their business or implement some fresh marketing techniques.  In most cases, it is the businesses that are looking [...]


What to Do When Banks Say “No”


Yesterday the Huffington Post published AP reporter, Joyce Rosenberg’s, 5 Concerns for Small Businesses in 2013 and lending was one of them. To quote the article, “…those who are ready to borrow are expected to find it’s still hard to get a loan. Bankers are unlikely to be more liberal in their lending policies. ‘Depressed lending levels may be with us well beyond 2013,’ says James Schrager, a professor of entrepreneurship at the University of [...]


Cash Advances can Help During Financial Crisis


The American financial crisis seems to never end, with a rising debt ceiling, plummeting stocks, and conservative spending from consumers. Veteran and new business owners will be feeling the blow of this recession, like every other sector in the economy. In addition, small businesses have to contend with slow growth, low sales volumes, and playing catch-up with financial obligations. Business owners who want to keep growing can resort to a simple solution: the merchant cash [...]


Our Funding Specialist Talks Cash Advance

glass credit card

I have been in the cash advance industry well over 4 years, and have worked with more than 700 clients. Thanks to our cash advance program, I have been able to provide funds for small businesses, from restaurants to flower shops, to retail stores. The cash advance is a very simple solution to business owners who are in search of funding. Banks and other financial institutions are making it difficult to obtain working capital; requiring [...]

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