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Teaching Your Old Brand New Tricks


Perhaps you’ve been running a business for a while…quite a while actually, and you’re feeling a little bored, bland or stale.  It’s perfectly normal to want something fresh and different as a way to get the excitement about your brand going again.  The question is: how can you make those changes without losing or confusing your customer’s understanding of your brand? New or Renewed? The first step toward making successful changes in your business is [...]


6 Steps to a Storefront’s Grand Opening


The day (or night) of your small business’s grand opening should be a moment to remember.  It’s the first time you’re opening your door to the world and welcoming others in to observe and interact with the tangible results of all of your hard work. The grand opening is your chance to make that lasting, first impression.  Your goal is to get customers excited, interested and thinking positively about your business. Still, being a savvy [...]


4 Things You Need To Do Whenever You Hire Someone New


Hiring someone new onto your team is no easy task.  From taking interviews to on-the-job training, the experience is costly in both time and extended effort. Still, if you want to get your new hire off on the right foot, certain preparations will serve you, your team and your business well.  Read on to discover the 4 things that need tending to and reap the benefits of a well-adjusted and motivated new employee. Tend to [...]


3 Tips To Working With Your Family


Be True To Your Hiring Needs Accusations of nepotism might be a buzz in the workplace if you bring in your kid brother a week after graduation and toss him the title of Vice President.  However, you should have no qualms about hiring your cousin with ten years experience in the industry.  Before you even present a hint of an opportunity to any family member, have a straightforward and honest conversation with yourself as to [...]


Prep Course: Selling Your Small Business


Just as running a business takes planning and careful consideration, so does selling one. In an ideal selling situation, time is on your side, and you may plan on selling your business off in the next few years. However, if your window is smaller than that (say, 6 months) that’s OK too, as long as you invest effort in the necessary preparations.  After all of the personal devotion, time and money you’ve poured into your [...]


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