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Employees or Contactors: Who Runs Your Small Business?


As a small business owner you work hard to maintain a profit, while keeping both customers and employees happy all while aiming to solidifying a solid brand image.  With all of that focused effort it only makes sense that you would want to save yourself from unnecessary headaches and remain in good standings within the law.  One place that many small business owners are slipping up in is in the case of classifying employees.  From [...]


4 Steps to Workplace Wellness


When it comes to your workplace, healthy employees make for happy employees.  And while employee health benefits, reimbursements and incentives may be out of your budgetary reach, your still can make a positive, encouraging case for staying, living and working well. Take control of your small business by creating your own kind of employee wellness program.  With happier employees, an energizing environment and better quality work lives you have everything to gain.  You can get [...]


Hiring a Manager For Your Small Business


Remember when you first started your small business?  You were the boss, the go-to person, the keeper of all standards and the deliverer of all delegations.  Phew, it’s exhausting just thinking about it. For those entrepreneurs that have had some success and the desire for more, you may need to clear some space in your schedule to embark on new pursuits…but how? The answer lies in hiring a small business manager who can stand in [...]


Prep Course: Selling Your Small Business


Just as running a business takes planning and careful consideration, so does selling one. In an ideal selling situation, time is on your side, and you may plan on selling your business off in the next few years. However, if your window is smaller than that (say, 6 months) that’s OK too, as long as you invest effort in the necessary preparations.  After all of the personal devotion, time and money you’ve poured into your [...]


How to Get People to Buy-In


Aligning people with your agenda is not the easiest job in the world.  Luckily, with these four tips in place you can make the process a whole lot easier.  Use Psychological Tricks When someone walks in through your doors (or logs onto your site, or dials your number…) with the potential to buy, there is a natural inclination for that person to put up a bit of a guard.  After all, they have money and [...]


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