Using Social Media for Your Business

We’ve offered tips on using social media for your business before, in posts such as, “Using Social Networking Effectively for Your Business” and “Where to Find Resources for Your Business Online”.  But as using social media for your business has become so important over the past few years, it’s important that as small business owners, you fully understand your social media options and how you can use them to the benefit of your business.

Below are a few articles explaining how small business owners can use social media.

  1. 30 Tips for Using Social Media in Your Business
  2. An Executive Guide to Social Media
  3. Social Media for Business: The Do’s and Don’ts of Sharing

You may also want to participate in social media webinars for an overview of specific social media sites, where you can ask questions and get answers.  eRocketFuel, a social media agency, offers free 30 minute webinars for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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